Button Box Adventures

Something magical happens every time Sammy opens Gram’s button box while sitting under her lace-covered dining room table.

Sammy and Russ

Gram’s button box is full of famous people’s buttons. Every button in her box has a story to go with it. Travel in time with Sammy and his friend Russ as they learn that story and find the person who owned the button long ago.

For the Love of Trees Book
For the Love of Trees

In this adventure Sammy meets John Muir, the man who helped our country establish a system of national parks and forests for all to enjoy.
30 page hard cover book with 17 illustrations.

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For more information on trees and the environment, please visit the links listed below.

Dear Visitor,

Thank you so much for your interest in For the Love of Trees.  The book is available in paperback for $8.95.  Proceeds from book sales are given to tree planting/environmental organizations such as the ones listed above.

I hope as you enjoy this book's message, you will feel inspired to plant and care for trees at your home, and in your neighborhood and community.

Debra Fristik



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Sequoias in Muir Woods, California